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My name is Marta, I'm from Poland/Europe and I love make a dog bows for your little friends.  




My first bows I was made when I has got only 13 years old for my first Yorkie which one was not very beautiful show quality dog but was my the best friend and my dream ! I have got a passion for designing and crafting the highest quality handmade Dog Bows for Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese that I feel should look as absolutely special as we know they are  in a full assortment of colors and wide variety of ribbon styles and crystal styles.

So if you are here searching for that very special Dog Bows, I probably have the one you are looking for.

My products are make with beauty of class,elegance and passion for creating new unique bows - it's also confidence in us.  All of these things are equally important to me as the precision and craftsmanship of each of them.

I craft our handmade dog bows in different sizes and in all colors. I also change color of crystals or color of beads.

If you don't find bow which one is on your mind and if you like to use your imagination, write to me and I will do it for you !

Bows from me are carefully designed with important details and handcrafted to ensure strength and durability for longtime multiple use.  I have honed and refined our Dog Bow tie construction techniques through study and allot of dedication to the finest of details, continuing to look to ways to improve the quality and durability of our bow ties for dogs, while still maintaining a look that says “I’m looking my best”.

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